The Best Bermuda Grass Herbicide of 2022

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a pest that can be hard to get rid of without the help of herbicide. Every one knows that applying herbicide to your lawn can be scary, making the wrong pick could kill your entire lawn. We found the 10 best rates Bermuda grass herbicides so you can keep your lawn looking … Read more

Transplanting Pepper Plants Guide

Growing peppers to transplanting pepper plants can be a tricky, lengthy process, but with a little bit of know-how it can be fun and rewarding. In this blog post, we’ll outline the basics of transplanting pepper plants so you can get started in any size garden! You’ll love having a variety of hot peppers and … Read more

How to Transplant Onions

Onions are so versatile. They can be used in recipes, as well as to make homemade onion rings or French onion soup. Transplanting onions is a simple process that only takes 6 steps! Onions are perfect to start in cool weather and can take a light frost. Transplant your onions during the early spring when … Read more

How to Transplant Mint

Mint is a popular herb to grow in backyard gardens but when your plants start to outgrow their current location you will need to transplant the mint. In this article we reviewed how to transplant your mint herbs plus all of the gear in step by step instructions. Mint leaves are easy to grow and … Read more

How to Transplant Blueberries


If your Blueberry bushes are not growing well, have grown too large or you found some in the wild you will need to transplant them to a new location. Digging up your blueberry plants and replant them is easy but you need to know what you are doing or you can damage the roots and … Read more

Lawn Mower Accident Statistics and Facts

Lawnmowers are one of the most common tools you will find in every garage or shed – but they can be surprisingly dangerous! Our team compiled a list of 20 lawnmower accident statistics so you know everything there is to know about push and riding lawnmowers. Usage Facts The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that … Read more

How to Transplant Tulips

Tulips in Bloom

Tulips are one of the most colorful flowers in nature but they can overgrow in your garden and stop blooming. The easiest way to fix an overcrowded flower bed is by transplanting tulips to another garden. Unfortunately these flowers are sensative and one wrong move can keep them the bulbs from flowering or even kill … Read more

The Best Garden Hose Gaskets of 2022

Finding the best lawn hose gasket can be tough with so many different models to chose from. Getting the wrong size or fit means a water leak or a returning the item. In order to save you some time we put together a list of the top 10 garden hose gaskets so you can regulate … Read more

The Best Push Lawnmower Covers of 2021

Push lawnmowers are a fun way to stay in shape and keep the yard looking great but they still need a cover to protect them from the elements. Without a proper cover your mower will start to rust and corrode as well as suffer motor and electrical problems. Our lawn and garden experts put together … Read more

The Best Garden Weeding Tools of 2021

Weeding your garden and lawn is a fun way to stay in shape and keep the yard looking great. So which ones are worth it in overall quality and practical use? Without the proper garden weeding tools your garden will suffer from pests. Our lawn and garden experts put together a list of the best … Read more

The Best Small Garden Rakes of 2021

Small garden rakes are an easy way to keep your garden free of fallen leaves and other things you might want to remove. These smaller garden rakes are perfect for gardening because their size makes it easier to maneuver around your plants and only remove the things you want. We found the 10 best mini … Read more

The Best Grass Seeders of 2021

Grass Seeder

Grass seeders are an effective way of consistently spreading seed over a large area, plus you don’t want to get your hands all over raw seeds. There are some great products on the market as well as a few lemons.  Our team of lawn care experts did the hard work and came up with a … Read more

The Best Oversize Lawn Chairs of 2021

Oversize lawn chairs are a fun way to spend the afternoon outside with friends and family. They provide a comfortable place to relax around the pool, campfire or grill. We recommend having enough chairs for the entire family plus a few extra for the neighbors. The idea over big lawn furniture might seem silly until … Read more

The Best Wood Lawn Chairs of 2020

Wood lawn chairs are a relaxing way to spend the afternoon catching some sun in the yard. We found the 10 best wooden lawn chairs so you can focus on relaxing while the weather is nice instead of shopping for new chairs. Check out our favorites so your yard will be the most popular place … Read more

The Best Garden Gargoyles of 2020

Garden gargoyles are a fun way to protect your plants with a mythological creature. We shopped around and put together a list of the 10 most popular gargoyle statues all in one place! Keep reading to learn more about a few of our favorite picks. Top Picks Popular Products How We Pick Want to know … Read more

How to Transplant Roses

Rose Bushes

Every so often you may have to move a rose bush to a new spot in the garden. Luckily, roses are easy to transplant and replant in a new location. The do best in areas without prior growth but can be successfully moved to almost any location with our transplanting guide and tips and tricks. … Read more

How to Transplant Strawberries


Strawberries are a fun and tasty garden fruit that grows best in slightly acidic soil that has lots of organic matter. If your strawberry bushes are not growing well or have grown too large for your current garden they will need to be transplanted to a new garden. Replanting strawberries – all you need is … Read more

The Best Dog Garden Statues of 2020

A dog garden statue is a fun way for pet owners to decorate their garden and combine two of the best things nature has to offer. We searched the internet and found the top 10 statues for your garden. Keep reading to find your favorite bread! Top Picks Popular Products How We Pick Want to … Read more

Poulan Chainsaw Reviews

Need a chainsaw to trim your branches, fell some trees or clear away brush on your property? If you have ever worked outside you are probably already familiar with the Poulan brand! At Whack Your Weeds we know that finding the right chainsaw for your project is tough! Our team of lawn and tree experts … Read more

The Best Mini Garden Kits of 2020

Mini garden kits are a fun way to grow a small garden in an area like your kitchen, windowsill or other out of ordinary place. In order to help you get your tiny garden started we put together a list of our 10 favorite miniature garden kits.  Best Garden Digging Tools – List of Top … Read more

How to Grow a Pineapple

A pile of Pineapples

Want to grow a Pineapple from the fruit you bought at the grocery store or market? Do you like pineapple? Great! Is one of your hobbies gardening? Mine, too! Do you like the idea of having a tropical plant that produces the most excellent fruit? We knew you would! Our Pineapple growing guide will help … Read more