How to Transplant Onions

Onions are so versatile. They can be used in recipes, as well as to make homemade onion rings or French onion soup. Transplanting onions is a simple process that only takes 6 steps! Onions are perfect to start in cool weather and can take a light frost. Transplant your onions during the early spring when

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How to Transplant Mint

Mint is a popular herb to grow in backyard gardens but when your plants start to outgrow their current location you will need to transplant the mint. In this article we reviewed how to transplant your mint herbs plus all of the gear in step by step instructions. Mint leaves are easy to grow and

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How to Transplant an Apple Tree

Did you know that apple trees are becoming an increasingly popular additional to many gardens? The mature tree provides shade, but most importantly, the apple tree will yield fruit. Gardeners will be pleased to know that you don’t need to have acres of land, and a small yard can have a few hedges of apple

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How to Transplant Maple Trees

Do you have a maple tree growing in an inconvient location and want to transplant the tree without damaging the tree? Transplanting maple trees is tough if you are doing by yourself but if you follow our 8 step guide you will be able to replant any kind of Maple including saplings, bloodgood japanese maple,

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The 20 Most Popular Gardening Quotes, Slogans and Sayings

The garden is one of those places where you can really get your hands dirty. It’s a place to grow, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are many quotes, slogans and sayings about gardening that can guide you to inner peace and the perfect garden! What are some of the most inspirational

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Crossbow Herbicide Review

Crossbow Herbicide is one of the most effective weed and broadleaf weed killers that are safe to use! In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about using Crosscow on woody plants, non-crop areas, green pastures and your front yard! In this Crossbow Herbicide review we will teach you everything you

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When is the Best Time to Prune Fruit Trees?

Growing a fruit tree in your garden and wondering when is the best time prune a fruit tree? Pruning your fruit bearing trees is key to strong growth and an overall healthy plant but cutting at the wrong time of year can cause lasting damage or kill the tree! When to Prune Fruit Trees There

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How to Transplant Blueberries

If your Blueberry bushes are not growing well, have grown too large or you found some in the wild you will need to transplant them to a new location. Digging up your blueberry plants and replant them is easy but you need to know what you are doing or you can damage the roots and

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Field of Sunflowers

How to Transplant Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a bright and cheery plant that grow well in most locations and environments. Some gardeners that want to get a jump start on the growing season or just need to thin their garden will transplant sunflowers from pots, a nursery or into a different garden.  Keep reading to learn how to replant sunflowers,

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Tulips in Bloom

How to Transplant Tulips

Tulips are one of the most colorful flowers in nature but they can overgrow in your garden and stop blooming. The easiest way to fix an overcrowded flower bed is by transplanting tulips to another garden. Unfortunately these flowers are sensative and one wrong move can keep them the bulbs from flowering or even kill

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How to Transplant Pine Trees

Pine trees are native to North America and an excellent choice for your backyard landscape but if don’t want to grow them from seeds they will need to be transplanted. There are more than 30 species of pine trees and most are easy to move to a new location. Even the healthiest trees from the

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Rose Bushes

How to Transplant Roses

Every so often you may have to move a rose bush to a new spot in the garden. Luckily, roses are easy to transplant and replant in a new location. The do best in areas without prior growth but can be successfully moved to almost any location with our transplanting guide and tips and tricks.

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How to Transplant Strawberries

Strawberries are a fun and tasty garden fruit that grows best in slightly acidic soil that has lots of organic matter. If your strawberry bushes are not growing well or have grown too large for your current garden they will need to be transplanted to a new garden. Replanting strawberries – all you need is

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A pile of Pineapples

How to Grow a Pineapple

Want to grow a Pineapple from the fruit you bought at the grocery store or market? Do you like pineapple? Great! Is one of your hobbies gardening? Mine, too! Do you like the idea of having a tropical plant that produces the most excellent fruit? We knew you would! Our Pineapple growing guide will help

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