Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid in 2023


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    Maintaining a well-groomed yard requires the right equipment, and one of the most critical tools in that garage arsenal is a lawn mower. However, all lawn mowers are not created equal, and the brand you choose can significantly impact your machine’s longevity, performance, and overall value.

    Over time, a quality lawn mower can mean the difference between a pristine, lush lawn and a patchy, unkempt one. Therefore, choosing the right lawn mower brand is an essential step towards achieving and maintaining your dream lawn.

    In this article, we aim to guide you in making an informed decision by highlighting several lawn mower brands that you might want to avoid in 2023. We’ll examine in depth several key factors that determine a lawn mower’s quality, including durability, performance, warranty, and customer service, and use these parameters to evaluate popular brands in the market.

    Based on our research and real user experiences, we’ll shed light on brands that have shown some common and recurring issues that could disrupt your lawn maintenance routine. So, whether you’re a seasoned lawn care expert or a newbie, we believe you’ll find this article extremely valuable. Let’s dive in!

    Troy Bilt

    Troy Bilt is a leading name when it comes to power mowers. However, it seems to face a recurrent problem related to bagging as outlined by numerous customer reviews. The issue lies in its core functionality, with customers frequently complaining about the spilling of grass and mulch from the bag while mowing.

    Additionally, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the build quality of Troy Bilt mowers. Despite being a prominent name in the market, certain customers have found their machines to have subpar durability, not quite living up to the ruggedness expected from outdoor power equipment.

    Another issue reported by consumers is related to Troy Bilt’s customer service. Some customers feel that the company’s support system could be more responsive and better equipped to address their concerns. The difficulty in obtaining timely and effective resolutions for their issues has proven to be a drawback for this brand if you end up with a lemon and need a refund or replacement

    Lastly, there have also been complaints regarding the performance of Troy Bilt mowers in challenging terrains and conditions. Some users have found them to struggle particularly when mowing on uneven grounds or dense grass, which results in an inconsistent and difficult time mowing the lawn.


    Earthwise’s battery-powered push mowers have been a source of disappointment for many customers, primarily due to their usage of outdated lead-acid batteries instead of the more advanced and reliable lithium-ion ones. This crucial flaw leads to significant limitations in power and battery life, making these models ill-suited for medium to large-sized lawns.

    The Earthwise mowers’ shortcomings are not limited to their batteries. The actual performance in terms of grass cutting and bagging is below par, largely attributable to the lack of power. This makes them less durable and less likely to deliver a satisfactory mowing experience. These issues make them a poor value choice, with customers often expressing regret for the purchase.

    Specifically, the Earthwise 60318 model shares the same problems. The recurrent issues across multiple models within the Earthwise range might suggest a broader issue with the brand’s quality. Therefore, it is advisable to consider other options when shopping for an electric mower.

    Sun Joe

    For those who fancy being lord of their lawn, Sun Joe might seem an appealing choice in the tool arsenal, but don’t be fooled. Their mowers might spare your wallet, but they might also rob you of your sanity.

    The major gripe is their DIY-shed-like build. The height adjustments could make your lawn resemble a bad hair day rather than a slick crew cut, and with a minuscule 14-inch deck, it’s adept for gnome gardens but for human-sized lawns, prepare for a marathon.

    Then there’s the bag – it’s got less appetite than a bird on a diet, begging for a refill every minute.

    And their cordless mowers have a penchant for the dramatic – they flash a full battery charge, then perform an impromptu disappearing act. The mower body has all the resilience of a soggy sandwich.

    It’s light, sure, but the build is as cheap as chips and makes cornering feel like a gym session.

    Upsides? It won’t break your back or your bank. But when it comes to a reliable mow, that doesn’t cut it.

    Steer clear of Sun Joe mowers due to their:

    1. Lackluster mow-show
    2. Pocket-sized cutting reach
    3. Dollar-store construction

    Factors Determining Lawn Mower Quality

    Selecting a reliable and efficient lawn mower goes beyond choosing the model with the most appealing aesthetics or the brand with the biggest marketing budget. Let’s explore the fundamental factors that you should consider to ensure that your lawn mower serves you effectively for years to come.

    Durability and Construction

    The quality of the build and the materials used play a significant role in the lifespan and reliability of a lawn mower.

    Premium brands tend to use high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, ultimately prolonging the mower’s life. On the other hand, brands like Yard Machines have been reported to use lower-quality materials, which may result in more frequent breakdowns and repairs.

    Key elements to check include the mower’s body (preferably made of robust metal), the blades (stainless steel is ideal), and the wheels (look for strong, durable plastic or rubber).


    Performance is a multifaceted factor that primarily relates to a mower’s cutting ability, speed, and efficiency. The mower should provide a clean, even cut, operate at a reasonable speed, and utilize fuel or battery power efficiently.

    Brands like Toro, while popular, have faced criticism for their machines’ performance. These mowers are often powered by lower horsepower engines, which can struggle with tougher grass types or larger lawns. Consider the power source and the horsepower when choosing a mower, especially if you have a larger lawn or tougher varieties of grass.

    Warranty and Customer Service

    Warranty and customer service are crucial factors that can significantly impact your overall experience with a lawn mower brand. A robust warranty indicates a brand’s confidence in its products, providing you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

    Brands like McCulloch have received negative feedback for their limited warranty coverage and less responsive customer service. Before buying a mower, research the company’s warranty policy and customer service reviews to avoid future headaches.

    User Reviews and Ratings

    Lastly, user reviews and ratings offer invaluable insights into a lawn mower’s real-world performance and reliability. They reveal common issues, potential flaws, and user satisfaction levels that you won’t find in product descriptions or marketing materials.

    Weed Eater, for example, has consistently low user ratings and negative reviews, indicating recurring mechanical issues and overall customer dissatisfaction. Always take the time to read through reviews and ratings across multiple platforms to get a comprehensive understanding of the product you’re considering.

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