The Best Mini Garden Kits of 2023


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    Mini garden kits are a fun way to grow a small garden in an area like your kitchen, windowsill or other out of ordinary place. In order to help you get your tiny garden started we put together a list of our 10 favorite miniature garden kits. 

    Best Garden Digging Tools – List of Top 5

    1. Bliss Gardens Terrarium DIY Kit
    2. Garden Republic Indoor Garden Grow Kit
    3. Ellie Arts Preserved SuperMoss
    4. Succulent Terrarium Planter Kit
    5. Complete Glass Globe Terrarium Kit

    Top Picks

    Bliss Gardens Terrarium DIY Succulent/Cactus Kit (Large)
    • Bliss Gardens premium terrarium kits offer everything a terrarium builder needs in one complete starter kit.
    • Sourced from Organic materials. Kit includes the following supplies: hand mixed succulent terrarium potting soil, activated charcoal, semi-polished river rocks, preserved reindeer moss, orchid bark, and complete but easy to follow step-by-step instruction
    • Everything needed to create your own minature garden arrive in one package. No need to source materials from all over town.
    • ☯This kit does NOT include plants. Choose the container and plant types you want. Please see the pictures and description for sizing information.
    • ☯Bliss Gardens products are hand made in the USA - high quality premium products from plant lovers in Green Bay Wisconsin
    Ellie Arts | Natural Decorative Bag of Mixed Pebbles | Small Rocks | Stones | with Colorful SuperMoss for Fairy Gardens, Air Plants, Cactus, Terrariums, Succulents and more.
    • Use This SuperMoss and Stones Bundle to Create Cute Fairy Gardens, Terrariums and much more.
    • Moss is 110 cubic inch 2 oz. Resealable Bag bundled with Lightly Polished 32 ounce Bag of Stones.
    • Design Planters: Artificial Succulents, Tillandsia, Cactus, Bamboo, Bonsai Trees, Fairy Gardens.
    • 2 lbs of Colored Stones: They are in Natural Shades such as Brown, White, Black, Red, Grey.
    • Endless Uses: Weddings, Centerpieces, Vases, Bowls, Canisters, Pillar Candles and Hurricane Glass.
    Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit - Indoor Garden Grow Kits, Seeds for Planting Mini Cactus Succulent Plants, Plant Markers, Soil, Pots, Wood Box - Gardening Gifts, Terrarium, Cacti Succulents Decor
    • 🌵 MINI SUCCULENT PLANTS & CACTUS PLANTS - DIY Indoor growing kit with everything you need to grow your own cactus live plants & live succulent plants indoor. Seeds that stay small in maturity, 4 burlap jute grow bags / planting pots, potting soil, pruning shears, 4 bamboo plant markers, wooden gift box works as indoor planter
    • 🌱 SUCCULENT SEEDS: Mesembryanthemum species, Argyroderma, Lithops, Carpobrotus, Cheiridopsis, Crassula, Gibbaeum, Lithops, Faucaria, Fenestraria and others. CACTUS SEEDS: Gymnocalycium, Mammillarias, Notocactus, Rebutia, Lobivia, Blossfeldia, Frailea, Melocactus and others
    • 🎁 UNIQUE GIFT IDEAS - Our Cactus & Succulent Grow Kit makes cool gifts for men & fun gifts for women. Great desk plants & office plant gifts, birthday gifts for mom, house plants for housewarming gifts, indoor gardening gifts, DIY succulent decor or cactus decor, succulent terrarium kit or cactus tiny terrarium plants
    • 🚜 WHY GARDEN REPUBLIC - Growing up on organic farms, our goal is to make the art of growing live plants indoor simple & accessible. We are a veteran & family owned small business focused on creating safe, sustainable products you can trust
    • 👍 SEED REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Our indoor garden kit is tested at 90%+ germination rates but not everyone has a green thumb. We'll send you new indoor plant seeds if your cactus and succulent garden doesn't sprout
    Succulent Planter Soil Kit - Total DIY Terrarium Supplies -Terrarium Kit for Succulent or Catcus - Create Your own Terrarium with These Supplies - Great for Fairy Gardens (Small)
    • Instructions Included - Made in U.S.A with Organic Soil - Don't Buy kits Made outside the U.S.A
    • Kit includes - Washed Pea Gravel 120z- Organic Soil 8oz - Activated Charcoal (3x5) bag - Decorative Exotic River Rock - Decorative Green Sheet Moss -
    • Great Gift and Activity for Children - Instructions Included - with in Depth Guides on our Website!
    • Save time and Money - Avoid Buying in Bulk and Searching for Ingredients
    • Plants not Included - This Kit will work for many plant types - Made specifically for Succulents
    Complete Terrarium Kit: Succulent Planter with Soil and Glass Globe + All Supplies for Succulent, Cactus, and Fairy Garden (Glass Globe, Height 4 inches - Width 5 inches)
    • Complete Kit For Succulent Planter Or Cactus Container. All you need is a Fresh Plant. Save Money From Buying Bulk Ingredients-
    • Perfect Desk Decor and Decoration. Add a Relaxing Desk Ornament to reduce stress.
    • A Great Children's Gift- and Child's Activity. Just Pick Out a Plant And Have Fun Putting it all Together.
    • Get a start on succulent and Air-plant Terrariums. Don't Buy More Supplies Than you Need.
    • Instructions Now Included! Organic Hand Made Soil Mix For succulents and Catcus. MADE IN USA.
    Organic Wheat Grass Seeds, Cat Grass Seeds, 16 Ounces- 100% Organic Non GMO - Hard Red Wheat. Harvested in The US. Easy to Grow.
    • Guaranteed to germinate and packed with nutrients
    • Organic and GMO free
    • Grown and harvested in the USA
    • Perfect for juicing, growing for cats, dogs and reptiles.
    • Sustainable and happy - Cats love grass and other animals love it too, try this for your dog, rabbit or reptile. Even birds are attracted to this nutrient rich grass
    Non-GMO Culinary Herb Seed Collection, 12 Individual Seed Packets Incl. 4,000+ Seeds Collectively (Sage, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Rosemary, Dill, Marjoram, Oregano & More!) Seeds by Seed Needs
    • Quality Culinary Herb seeds packaged by Seed Needs. Intended for the current and the following growing season. Packets are 3.25" wide by 4.50" tall and come with a full colored illustration on the front side, as well as detailed sowing instructions on the reverse..
    • Includes some of the most popular culinary herbs, such as Cilantro, Borage, Basil, Chives, Dill, Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, Savory & Sage.
    • This culinary herb seed set contains over 4,000 seeds collectively.
    • These seeds can be grown indoors, or directly outdoors. An indoor greenhouse or source of light may be necessary for best germination.
    • All herb seeds sold by Seed Needs are Non-GMO based seed products and are intended for the current & the following growing season. All seeds are produced from open pollinated plants, stored in a temperature controlled facility and constantly moved out due to popularity.
    6 Air Plant Terrarium Kit | Large Tillandsia Variety Pack with Spray Bottle Mister for Fertilizer | Live Assorted Indoor Airplants by Plants for Pets
    • LARGE AND MATURE TILLANDSIAS: Your plants will range from 4 to 10 inches, and all of them will be mature, established specimens. Most air plants sold by competitors are cheap 2 to 3 inch tillandsias that are much more difficult to establish in the home.
    • EASY CARE HOUSE PLANTS: Our Tillandsia Air Plants are extremely low maintenance and easy to care for. Their larger size means you won't need to water or fertilize as frequently as the smaller plants sold by competitors.
    • HEALTHY LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED: Your air plants will arrive alive and healthy. Each order comes with our 100 percent live arrival guarantee and free email support.
    • DIY HOME DECOR: These live tropical plants are perfect for do it yourself terrarium kits, holders, and hanging planters. They are ideal for indoor decor and make very unique housewarming gifts for both women and men. Your creativity and ideas are the only things that will limit what you can do with them.
    Succulent Air Plant Combo Pack | 5 Succulents and 5 Airplants | Real Live Home Decor House Gift | Indoor Mix Pack | Rooted in Pots by Plants for Pets
    • Easy Care house plants: This preplanted set is perfect for the lazy, as it includes extremely low maintenance indoor plants that don't need fertilizer or plant food. The succulents are Potted, but air plants don't even need soil to live and can remain unpotted!
    • Diy home decor: succulents and air plants are perfect for a variety of planters, such as a glass terrarium or bottle, pot, bowl, vase, or other decorative container or holder. The possibilities for display are limited only by your imagination!
    • Versatile: a succulent or air plant can make a colorful and rare decoration for any room in the house. Try hanging air plants on hooks or a wall hanger, atop a plant stand or tray, or inside sea urchin shells! Try potting succulents in pebbles or rocks, or in an arrangement with a cactus or fern!
    • Great for gifts: this indoor plant starter kit makes a creative gift for women or anyone who enjoys gardening. They're also Prime choices for wedding or party favours, garden accents, Table centerpieces, and wreath arrangements.
    • Healthy live arrival guarantee: your box of plants will arrive alive and healthy. Each order includes the Plants for Pets 30-day guarantee. Instead of growing from seeds, succulents grow from cuttings of a parent plant.
    Ginsco 7pcs Succulent Transplanting Miniature Fairy Garden Planting Gardening Hand Tools Set
    • Ships from US.
    • This 7pcs garden tool set is perfect for all your garden needs, such as digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating and transplanting.
    • Work very well for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants.
    • A perfect gift for gardening lover.Easy carry and lightweight.
    • 250 ml watering bottle

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    How We Pick

    Curious about how we make our list of our favorite garden kits

    • Whats the best mini garden kit?
    • Which kit grows the best flowers?
    • Which kit grows the best vegetables?

    Finding these answers alone (without our expert help) can be rough. Luckily we made an easy to understand list of the top 10 small sized garden kits to help you pick the right one.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Mini Garden Kits grow fruits and vegetables?
    Yes, but not all types of fruits and vegetables and not very much! You will be limited to smaller growths and might not have fruit sprout.

    What flowers grow best in mini kits?
    Flowers that do not need deep roots, have quick grow cycles and need little sunlight.