Best Snow Blowers


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    If you live in an area that receives heavy snow fall you know how important it is to have a dependable snow blower in your garage. Our team of landscaping experts test out some of the most popular snow blowers on the market from top name brands like Snow Joe, GreenWorks, Toro and Husqvarna.

    Make sure you are ready upcoming snow storms this winter by checking out the top rated snow blowers for clearing driveways, sidewalks and your street!

    Top Rated Snow Blowers

    Need some help getting started? We are here to help! Our team picked the best pole saws of 2018, for more information and a full buyers guide keep reading our reviews below!

    Best All Around - Toro 38381 Snow Blower


    • Engine: 15-amp electric motor
    • Weight: 25 lbs
    • Blows snow up 700 lbs per minute up to 30 feet
    • Adjustable zip deflector
    • 18" clearance & 12" intake
    • 160° adjustable snow chute

    OVERALL RATING: 9.2 out of 10

    Need to clear your driveway and don’t have time to find to test snow blowers? We did some testing and found that the Toro 38381 is the best all around snow blower for residential use!


    • Large 6 inch wheels for extra traction in slippery conditions
    • Ergonomic design for easy handling
    • Lightweight plastic is easy to push through tall snow banks
    • Top Pick for Wet Snow


    • Motor can burn out under heavy use in big snow storms

    Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E Snow Thrower


    • Engine: 15-amp electric motor
    • Weight: 35 lbs
    • Blows up to 800 pounds of snow per minute
    • Clearing Width: 21 inches
    • Clearing Depth :12 inches
    • Blow Distance: 20 feet
    • Warranty: 90 day warranty

    Need to clear snowfall from the latest rounds of winter storms? This blower from Snow Joe is the perfect choice for digging your home, driveway and sidewalk out of multiple feet of snowfall!


    • On board 3 watt LED light system (120V)
    • Snow scrapers remove snow from the ground instead of damaging your lawn and deck
    • Does not stall in deep snow banks, even when "old" snow
    • Easy to maintain - no oil changes, gas tanks or batteries to charge


    • Some reports of problems blowing "wet" snow

    Best Electric - Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower


    • Engine: 13.5-volt battery
    • Weight: 30 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 18 inches
    • Clearing Depth: 10 inches
    • Blow Distance: 20 feet
    • Capacity: 650 pounds per minute
    • Lighting System: None
    • Warranty: 2 year warranty
    • Best for Clearing Driveways

    Clear your driveway, sidewalk, deck and patio after light or heavy snow with the Ultra SJ620 from Snow Joe. This blower has a powerful 13.5 amp motor than can move 2450 square feet of snow over 20 feet in an hour!


    • 4 steel blades that capture all the snow in your path
    • Easy to use for the elderly (60+ years of age)
    • 180° rotating directional chute
    • As effective as comparable gas models - without the maintenance
    • Easy to use - just plug in and start blowing snow


    • Difficult to clear wet snow

    Best Snow Shovel - Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel


    • Engine: 10 Amp electric motor
    • Weight: 13.8 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 13 inches
    • Clearing Depth: 6 inches
    • Blow Distance: 20 feet
    • Capacity: 400 pounds per minute
    • Lighting System: None
    • Warranty: 2 year warranty
    • Best for Sidewalks

    The Snow Joe 323E is the perfect blower for clearing sidewalks. It has a clearing width of 13 inches and is designed for quick jobs – clearing snow banks about 6 inches deep.


    • Perfect for decks, patio's and 1 or 2 car driveways
    • Ergonomic handle and design
    • 2 paddle auger prevents the need for multiple passes
    • Small cutting path is perfect for blowing snow from stairs


    • Not good for ice or large jobs

    Best Corded - GreenWorks 26022 Corded Snow Shovel


    • Engine: 10 Amp electric motor
    • Weight: 26 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 16 inches
    • Clearing Depth: 6 inches
    • Blow Distance: 25 feet
    • Capacity: 600 pounds per minute
    • Lighting System: None
    • Warranty: 2 year warranty
    • Best for small yards

    This GreenWorks snow shovel is perfect for small yards and other quick jobs. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver – weighting in at only 26 pounds.


    • Lightweight, only weighting 26 pounds
    • Clears up to 600 pounds of snow per minute
    • Capable of blowing snow 25 feet
    • Electric start means no need for gas or oil


    • Difficult to use on curves
    • No on-board lighting

    Steep Driveways - WEN 5662 Snow Blaster Snow Thrower


    • Engine: 13.5 Amp electric motor
    • Weight: 32 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 18 inches
    • Clearing Depth: 7.8 inches
    • Blow Distance: 20 feet
    • Capacity: 490 pounds per minute
    • Lighting System: None
    • Warranty: 2 year warranty
    • Best for Steep Driveways

    This snow blower from WEN can clear up to 1150 inches of snow per rotation – spinning at 2000 RPM is a lot of snow! Take on steep drive ways, icy sidewalks and other hard to clear spots with ease thanks to 6″ run flat wheels than never lose grip or maneuverability.


    • 13.5 Amp electric motor can handle deep banks


    • User reports of choking in wet snow
    • Difficulty starting some units

    GreenWorks Pro Cordless Snow Thrower


    • Engine: 70 Volt Li-ion battery
    • Weight: 33 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 20 inches
    • Clearing Depth: 10 inches
    • Blow Distance: ​20​​​​​ feet
    • Lighting System: Dual LED lights
    • Warranty: 4 year warranty
    • Best for Large Driveways

    Tired of struggling through every winter  – dreading blowing snow from your driveway? Then we recommend this GreenWorks model with 20-Inch clearing path and a 13 Amp engine – plus dual LED lights for working at night or early in the morning.


    • 13 amp motor can handle everything but ice
    • 180 degree adjustable blow chute
    • Throws snow up to 20 feet
    • Push button start system


    • Not self propelled
    • Make sure to use a 15 amp extension cord for best results

    Briggs and Stratton S1227 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower


    • Engine: 250cc engine
    • Weight: 189 lbs
    • Clearing Width: 27"
    • Clearing Depth: 20"
    • Blow Distance: 20+ feet
    • Blow Distance: 20+ feet
    • Lighting System: On-board headlights
    • Lighting System: On-board headlights

    Need to dig out of a blizzard? Our pick for the best blower for regions with heavy snowfall is the Briggs & Stratton S1227. With a powerful 250cc engine it can clear 27″ of driveway, sidewalk or patio in one pass!


    • 11.5 foot pounds of torque to clear thick patches of snow
    • Gas powered, but electric start for easy start up in the cold
    • On-board headlights for early morning and late night work


    • No oil filter - make sure to change every 10 uses

    Buying Guide

    On the hunt for a snow blower but not sure where to start? With so many great models from top name brands like Snow Joe, GreenWorks and Toro is can be hard to pick the right one. We put together a quick guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and point you in the right direction.

    What snow blower is right for me?

    Picking the right model is key if you don’t want to be shoveling snow this year. If you are not sure where to start ask yourself these questions:

    1. Gas or electric – Some are powered by gasoline while others run off an extension cord or battery
    2. Is weight important – Some are much heavier than other and can be difficult to push if they don’t auto-go
    3. Where will it be used – Need to clear a big driveway, sidewalk and the neighbors house? Then you need something with a bigger clearing path than someone just looking to blog a patio

    When to buy a snow blower

    The best tune to buy a new sanow blower is in the late summer before the first heavy snowfall. Keep an eye out for discounts and deals – once it starts getting cold it will be harder to find popular models.

    Snow Blower vs Snow Thrower

    Snow throwers are small, single stage tools that pick up and “throw” the snow in a single movement.

    Snow blowers on the other hand are two stage machines. Stage 1 picks up the snow while stage 2 blows it away.

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