Poulan Chainsaw Reviews


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    Need a chainsaw to trim your branches, fell some trees or clear away brush on your property? If you have ever worked outside you are probably already familiar with the Poulan brand!

    At Whack Your Weeds we know that finding the right chainsaw for your project is tough! Our team of lawn and tree experts did that hard work and took an in depth look at all of the Poulan Chain Saws and picked a few of our favorites!

    Poulan makes a wide range of chain saws, each designed for a difference use case. While this many models means you can find the perfect one for your job it makes choosing difficult!

    Before we dive in we have to say all of Poulon’s chain saws are well designed and built – we would be happy to have any model in our shed at home! Our team of tree trimming experts took an in-depth look at each of the models on the market.

    We reviewed every critical piece and part of the chain saw including:

    • Price
    • Bar length
    • Motor
    • Horse power
    • Weight
    • Size
    • Power source
    • Warranty
    • Reviews

    So you can find the best Poulan chain saw for your next cut! If you don’t want to waste time reviewing each model check out our guide below so you can get back to cutting fire wood, trimming bushes and or logging!

    Poulan Chain Saw Comparison Chart

    Poulan Pro PP5020AV Poulan Pro 967061501Poulan Pro 967084601Poulan PL1416Poulan Pro PR4218
    Poulan Pro PP5020AVPoulan Pro 967061501Poulan Pro 967084601Poulan PL1416Poulan Pro PR4218
    TypeGas poweredGas poweredGas poweredExtensionGas powered
    Power Source50 cc, 2 stroke engine50 cc, 2 stroke engine40 cc, 2 stroke engine52cc, 2 stroke engine33cc, 2 cycle engine
    Weight17 lbs11 lbs12.6 lbs10.1 lbs18.7 lbs
    Size38.8 x 12 x 10.8 inches12.2 x 10.2 x 9.9 inches
    14.1 x 11.3 x 10.2 inches32 x 11 x 12 inches37 x 10.4 x 13.2 inches
    WarrantyManufacturers WarrantyManufacturers WarrantyManufacturers WarrantyManufacturers WarrantyManufacturers Warranty

    Best Poulan Chain Saws

    It was not easy for our team at Whack Your Weeds to pick out the best Poulan chainsaw. Poulan currently makes 8 models – and each is a winner! Our team reviewed every chainsaw available online and in stores and found that picking the best chain saw really comes down to what you are looking for! Residential and commercial needs are very different so make sure to do your research and get the best model!

    Don’t have time to shop around? Click here to skip ahead to our choice for the best all around Poulan chainsaw!

    Our team of lawn and garden experts put together a quick comparison of the top Poulan models and picked out a few of our favorite models to use out in the field! Got a question about something we didn’t cover? Reach out to us for more information!

    ChainsawScoreBest ForPriceTypeFeatures
    Poulan Pro PP5020AV98%Clearing brush$288.54Gas powered

    • DuraLife engine for a long life and dependability

    • 50cc, 2 stroke engine

    Poulan Pro 96706150192%Felling trees$199.99Gas powered

    • Extra power with less fuel consumption and fumes thanks to OxyPower technology

    • 50cc, 2 stroke engine

    Poulan Pro 96708460190%Seasonal use$154.99Gas powered
    • Ergonomic design for easy balance and use

    • 40cc, 2 stroke engine

    Poulan PL141692%Light use$99.90Extension cord

    • Powered by extension cords so you never run out of juice

    • 14Ah motor

    Poulan Pro PR421888%Cutting firewood$169.99Gas powered

    • Perfect mix of power and design for cutting wood

    • 52cc, 2 stroke engine

    Poulan P331490%Trimming bushesGas powered

    • Small 14" bar perfectly designed for trimming brushes, shrubs and trees

    • 33cc, 2 cycle engine

    Poulan 96706160195%Residential usefrom $136.95Gas powered

    • Anti-vibration handle makes cutting aronud the house a breeze

    • 33cc, 2 stroke engine

    Poulan Pro PRCS16i97%Saving gas$299.99Battery powered

    • Save gas without sacrificing power like most electric models

    • 58V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    Best Overall Poulan - Poulan Pro PP5020AV

    Our choice for the best overall Poulan chainsaw model is the Poulan Pro PP5020AV! It was not easy to choose but after reviewing all the spec’s we fell in love! The PP5020AV has a powerful 50cc, 2 stroke engine that is perfect for everything except the biggest jobs – but don’t let that scare you, it is very easy to use!

    Poulan Pro PP5020AV

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best for the Money - Poulan Pro 967061501

    We are all about finding the best value – especially on power tools! Our choice for as the best Poulan for your money is the Poulan Pro 967061501! With a 50cc motor, 20 inch cutting bar and OxyPower engine that puts out 70% less pollution it is easy to see the value – plus it comes with a case!

    Poulan Pro 967061501

    What We Like

    Be Careful

    Best Electric - Poulan Pro PRCS16i

    Want to save the the Earth as much as we do at Whack Your Weeds? If you have access to a power outlet to charge a battery we recommend choosing an electric chain saw like the Poulan Pro PRCS146i – but don’t worry each charge lasts for at least 300 cuts!

    Poulan Pro PRCS16i

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best Residential - Poulan PL1416

    Need a chain saw to trim your shrubs and take care of a few trees around your house? Not every one needs the biggest, most powerful model on the market – if you trim your plants every season and need a chain saw for general, around the house use we recommend the Poulan PL1416

    Poulan PL1416

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best Commercial - Poulan Pro PR4218

    Commercial chain saws are serious business. Any down time or slow down means lost money. If your chain saw is not designed for heavy duty, all day work we recommend picking up the Poulan Pro PR4218. A good commercial chain saw should be powerful, have a bar over 18 inches and a large enough gas tank to run for 6+ hours.

    Another important consideration when choosing a new chain saw for your crew is usability. If your team needs to use a chain saw for more than an hour per day it is important to choose something that is lightweight, ergonomically friendly and reduces vibrations like the PR4218!

    Poulan Pro PR4218

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best for Landscaping - Poulan Pro PR4016

    Landscaping with a chain saw is delicate work, one wrong cut and the bushes are going to look funny for a month – but you still can’t sacrifice power! The best Poulan chain saw for landscaping is the PR4016 – it has a smaller 16 inch bar so it is easier to use on delicate bushes and shrubs but keeps the powerful motor Poulan chain saws are known for so you can cut right through thicker branches.

    Poulan Pro PR4016

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best Lightweight - Poulan P3314

    Sometimes a small, lightweight chain saw is all you need to get the job done! On the hunt for a light weight chain saw that is easy to use but does not sacrifice power – we recommend the Poulan P3314!

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Best for Firewood - Poulan PL914

    People tend to love cutting firewood, or totally hate it. Either way if you want to get the job done quickly you will need a good chainsaw like the Poulan PL914

    Poulan PL914

    What We Like

    What We Don't Like

    Poulan Chainsaws Compared

    All ouf Poulan’s chain saws are great picks – just make sure you get the right one for your next job! Remember, each model was designed for a specific type of user – you don’t want to try and use a P3314 for commercial work!

    Pricing for Poulan chain saws varies from model to model. All of the chain saws cost at least $100, with the more expensive being over $250. With 8 different models on the market you are sure to find one in the price range.

    All Poulan models look fairly similiar, with a black bar and neon orange or green body so make sure you don’t pick up the wrong model! 

    Reviewing the Reviews

    Poulan chain saws tend to receive good reviews but we did notice some problems with starting after extended use. Always make sure to use the correct oil to gas ratio!

    Consumer Reports

    The first place we check for unbiased reviews is Consumer Reports. Their reviews are positive for the most part but we did see repeated reports of overheating. Be careful, multiple products like the PP4818 and PP4218 having ratings in the 2’s so be wary of lemons!


    Amazon.com is our favorite place to shop for lawn and garden tools – after all where can you buy such a wide selection. Poulan has good ratings across all of it’s models listed on Amazon – you can see a full list here.


    Most of Poulan’s chain saws are very highly rated on their website, howerver the PL3314 has just a 2.3 rating after 31 reviews due to difficulty starting so it might be best to pick a different chain saw.

    The highest rated model is the PRCS16i at 4.7 out of 5 stars!

    PRCS16i RatingsPoulan PRCS16i Rating

    • 5 Stars – 4
    • 4 Stars – 2

    Which Model is Right for Me?

    Not sure which model is right for you after reading our review?

    It does not matter if you are looking for a powerful commercial model or an eco friendly, battery powered chain saw – Poulan has an affordable option that will look great in your shed or garage!

    Need help picking the right one? Start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

    1. What is my price range? Setting a hard ceiling on the amount of money you want to spend will eliminate some models.
    2. What features do I want? More expensive models have more expensive features like more powerful engines and anti vibration technology. If you are looking to save some money try cutting some features!
    3.  How much can I carry? Some of the bigger, more powerful models are much heavier than their electric counterparts. If you have a bad back, or weight is an issue make sure to get a model that weighs less than 18 pounds.
    Poulan Pro