Crossbow Herbicide Review


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    Crossbow Herbicide is one of the most effective weed and broadleaf weed killers that are safe to use! In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about using Crosscow on woody plants, non-crop areas, green pastures and your front yard!

    In this Crossbow Herbicide review we will teach you everything you need to know about Crossbow including how it is used, the best places to buy, and answer a few key questions!

    Key Information

    Crossbow Herbicide
    • Highly effective and killing trees, shrubs, brushes and grass
    • Works in about a week
    • Affordable on any budget
    • Safe to use around other plants when sprayed

    How to Use Crossbow Weed Killer

    Crossbow is easy to use. Once you have found a tree or shrub that needs to be moved add 4 to 6 fl. oz to 3 gallons of water and spray the mixture on the foliage and base of the plant. Spray all over the plant including the leaves, stem and roots. Make sure to spray around your desirable plants or they will die also!

    The active ingredient in Crossbow are 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, butoxyethyl ester, Triclopyr which are fast-acting and should kill the plant in 3 to 5 days!

    The best time to apply is when there is no rain expected in the next week and it is warm outside like in the Spring or Summer. If applied in the Winter months it will kill the plant but it will take a few extra days or extra weed killer.

    Crossbow and Ivy

    Ivy is one of the most stubborn weeds and vines to try to remove. Without a herbicide spray these unwanted weeds will keep growing out of control!

    Where to Buy

    Crossbow Herbicide is one of the most popular herbicides to use on crabgrass, grassy weed, crab grass, english ivy and broadleaf plants – so it is available online at Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes or locally at almost any lawn and garden store. For the best price we recommend shopping at Amazon but if you need a bottle today check a nearby hardware or garden store!

    Grass Pastures and Brush

    Grass pastures and brush can be tough to permanetly remove. If the first round of Crossbow does not ‘do the trick’ try to apply anoter coat to any remaining plants.

    Will Crossbow Kill Bermuda Grass?

    Crossbow will kill almost any type of lawn, including Bermuda. The trick is to use the spray on the grass and any surrounding unwanted woody plants – in about a week they should be dead!

    Is crossbow herbicide dangerous?

    Crossbow Herbicide is powerful and not safe for humans to consume. If you get some on your hands make sure to wash them for at least 2 minutes after you are done spraying.

    What will Crossbow herbicide kill?

    Crossbow Herbicide will kill almost any type of grass, vine, or undesirable trees. Make sure to follow the directions and the plant should be ready to dig up in about a week.

    Does crossroad herbicide kill grass?

    Yes, Crossbow kills most types of grass so if you have permanent grass pastures you want to keep growing make sure not to spray it in that area.

    Can Crossbow be used as a weed preventer?

    Crossbow can be used as a weed preventer but it is not ideal. It works best as a selective herbicide

    Will Crossbow Kill Crab Grass?

    Crossbow is an effective Crabgrass killer. Follow the instructions on the package and it should be ready to remove in a few days.

    Will Crossbow Kill Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and English Ivy?

    Yes, Crossbow can kill Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and English Ivy so you don’t get a rash. It is rated as the best poison ivy killer on the market in 2021!

    Should I Mix Crossbow with Diesel Fuel?

    Some people try to add in Diesel fuel for extra power on stopping woody plants from growing. We do not recommend mixing in fuel because the base herbicide should do the trick!