SeedsNow Review & Ordering Guide


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    Do you want to buy seeds online but are not sure which websites are legit and have the best flower seeds? Then check out SeedsNow!

    SeedsNow is one of the largest online seed retailers – they carry almost any type of seeds including, vegetables, fruits, flowers, sprouts and micro greens seeds! Keep reading to learn more about one of our top favorite places to buy seeds online in 2024!

    SeedsNow Information

    SeedsNow is based in Thousand Oaks, California and is dedicated to providing gardeners with high quality, non-gmo, non-hybrid and untreated seeds directly to your mail box.

    Why SeedsNow?

    There are a few reasons we recommend SeedsNow over other online seed stores!

    1. Free shipping – One of the main reasons we like SeedsNow is they offer free shipping on all orders. This is important because if you are only buying a few packets of seeds shipping can get expensive!
    2. Large selection – SeedsNow has a huge selection of almost every kind of fruit, vegetable, flower and trees so you are sure to find what your are looking for.
    3. High quality – SeedsNow has low prices, but also high quality seeds. All of the seeds are non-gm, non-hybrid and untreated with any fertilizers or pesticides so you get the highest quality packets that are ready to grow.
    4. Daily deals – If you enjoy collecting a wide variety of seeds (and not just a few types) the daily deals offer up to 50% off, just make sure to check back every day if there is something specific you are looking to plant this season!
    5. Seed of the month club – By joining the Seed of the month club you will receive different packet of seeds at a discounted price. This club is perfect if you have a large garden and want to grow a variety of plants with new seeds arriving each month!

    SeedsNow vs ePlanters vs Root and Vessel

    SeedsNow is not the only place to buy Seeds online – ePlanters and Root and Vessel are two other good places to shop, but we still think that SeedsNow is the best for the following reasons:

    • Free shipping – Free shipping is standard in 2023 and can add a significant cost to small seed orders
    • Large selection – SeedsNow has one of the largest selections of seeds for sale online and will almost certainly have the seeds you are looking for!
    • Good pricing – Getting the best price on your seeds is important if you plan on growing a large garden. SeedsNow has the lowest prices online of high quality seeds so you can start your first garden or grow a hard to find variety in your current garden!