What Kind Of Oil Do Lawn Mowers Use?


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    Need to change the oil in your lawn mower but not sure what kind to use? Changing the oil in every engine is important, it extends the life of the motor and keeps everything in running condition. Without oil your mower can seize up, overheat, spew smoke and even refuse to start!

    Luckily changing the oil in a lawn mower is much easier than in a car and can quickly be done before starting to mow. Most lawn mower engines require the use of 10W-30 or SAE 30 motor oil. It can be either synthetic or conventional oil, however make sure to check what the engine manual recommends. If you’re unsure what type of oil your specific model requires, that information should be in the operator’s manual.

    Additionally, some newer models of four-cycle engines may require synthetic oil to help keep the engine running smoothly. This type of oil is designed to provide superior protection and performance in all types of temperatures, so it’s worth investing in if you want your lawn mower to last for years.

    Best Lawn Mower Oil

    At Whack Your Weeds our team of lawn and garden experts recommend using SAE 30 weight motor oil in all lawn mowersweed eaters and lawn edgers unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer. To extend the life of your equipment we also recommend trying to find high quality oil that is rated SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher.

    Lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment, are subject to lots of vibration and wear and tear, using the highest quality oil possible is an easy way to extend your mowers life! SAE 30 is the same weight of oil used in vehicles and can be found at any lawn care or auto body shop. Many parts shops will try to sell you on special additives or detergents that will clean and extend the life of your motor.

    These special mixes only clog the inside of the motor and offer little benefit, it is much better to stick with regular maintenance and oil changes!

    Synthetic Lawn Mower Oil

    Synthetic SAE 30 motor oil is also an option for most lawn mowers. Synthetic motor oil works better at very high and very low temperatures, as well as more resistant to oxidation and breakdown. In addition to added performance, synthetic oil blends usually cause less sludge and can help to extend engine life.

    We recommend using synthetic oil in your lawn mower if you have a large yard or work on a commercial landscaping company.

    Riding Lawn Mower Oil

    Large amounts of grass can’t easily be cut by push lawn mowers but can easily be trimmed in only a few minutes using a riding mower. Riding lawn mowers, like push mowers, need regular oil changes to stay in peak operating condition. The team at Whack Your Weeds recommends using a quality synthetic blend of SAE 30 motor oil like Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 due to its low volatility and engine wear control.

    Commercial Lawn Mower Oil

    Commercial lawn mowers, much like regular mowers, can also use SAE 30 motor oil. Commercial mowers should have their oil changed much more often than lawn mowers that only get used once per week. Everyday usage puts a lot of wear and tear on a small motor and it is important to keep your engine running at their best while on the job!

    While lawn mower oil changes may seem like unnecessary maintenance, a quick oil change is much cheaper than replacing an entire lawn mower!