Tree Age Calculator – Find out How Old A Tree Is


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    Tired of looking at that large tree in your backyard and not knowing exactly how old it is?

    Sure you can cut it down and count the number of rings on the trunk but that would permanently damage the tree and maybe even kill it plus it is not totally accurate!

    Our team of tree experts at Whack Your Weeds did the research and put together a tree sizing calculator so you can accurately estimate how old your tree is based on the trunk circumference and diameter.

    How to Tell the Age of a Tree Without Cutting it Down

    You might be surprised to learn that it is possible to accurately tell the age of a tree without cutting it down. All you need to get an accurate estimate of when a tree was planted is a tape measure and our handy tree sizing calculator. Just enter the width or circumference sizes and we will tell you how old the tree is. The tree’s circumference plus a little math will give you a good estimate depending on the tree species.

    Backyard trees

    Instead of hiring an expensive arborist or estimating with an old wives tale use our calculator below to find out exactly how old your tree is all you need to get started as a tape measure and out estimate chart.

    Where should I measure at?

    The best place to measure depends on the species of tree and the location of branches. For most types and sizes of trees it is best to measure about 4 feet up on the trunk.

    If the tree is smaller than 4 feet measure about halfway up on the trunk. Make sure to only measure around the trunk of the tree and not to include any women’s or foliage in your measurements

    Growth varies by Species

    As you might expect tree growth varies widely between different species of trees. Some trees like the blank can grow as fast as blank while others like the blank grow very slowly blank. An oak tree will grow and age differently than a Giant Sequoia.

    Other factors like the amount of sun soil conditions and water amount of water can also have large impacts on the rate of growth

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