Husqvarna 323R Review


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    The Husqvarna 323R 24.5cc E-Tech 2-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer is a powerful and versatile string trimmer perfect for the professional landscaper as well as the ambitious homeowner. Big yards and long workdays need equipment that is both powerful and durable, and the 323G both.

    This lightweight but powerful string trimmer makes light work of even heavy weeds and light brush that you might find on commercial lawn care jobs. The ergonomically designed shaft lets you keep swinging it all day with tiring or causing forearm injuries.

    Big, D-shaped haled allows almost infinite hand locations to prevent tiring the operator during use. And the drive shaft and gearbox are made from durable steel so it will keep on giving good service for years to come. The 323R comes equipped out of the box with the easy to load T35 trimmer bump head that spools out nylon trimmer line as you need without trouble.

    Husqvarna, one of the most prominent names in outdoor work, makes the 323G, so you can bet it is built to last. They have been in the manufacturing business since 1689. This 24.5cc powerhouse produces 1.2 horsepower but weighs only 9 pounds making it an excellent weed eater for women.

    The 323G has all these great features:

    Straightforward controls with Smart Start: The 323L engine starts right away with a minium of effort. The choke and purge are located within easy reach to adjust as needed. The stop switch automatically goes back to the on position after you take a break, making restart a breeze. Its easy air purge removed air from the carburetor to make starting almost effortless.

    E-Tech engine for reduced exhaust: Unlike electric trimmers, heavy-duty models like the 323G  run on premixed gasoline/oil mixture.

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