Husqvarna 128DJx Review


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    The Husqvarna 128DJx 17-Inch 28cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer is more than just a regular weedwhacker. It’s a powerful, lightweight brushcutter, ideal for edging a lawn or slicing through more tangled weeds and brush, too. It comes with both a trimmer head and a metal blade, and it’s easy to switch back and forth using their smooth, semi-automatic loading system. The 128DJx comes with both a D handle and a harness, making it simpler to handle and easier on your back, too.

    Competitively priced with other trimmers, and weighing in at only 10.8 pounds, the Husqvarna 128DJx won’t break your back, or your budget. The 28cc gasoline powered motor produces a hefty 1.1 horsepower, ensuring that the trimmer won’t bog down in brush or tall grass.

    Husqvarna 128DJx 17-Inch 28cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer/Brush Cutter with Detachable Shaft
    • Smart start, fuel pump, and auto return stop switch for easy starting
    • E-Tech II for reduced exhaust emissions
    • Combi-guard used for both trimmer line and grass blade
    • Harness included for better control
    • CARB Compliant

    Important Features

    The 128DJx has a lot of important features:

    Smart Start: The 128DJx redesigned, so the engine starts right away with a minimum of effort. The choke and purge are within easy reach and easy to understand and adjust as necessary. The stop switch automatically returns to the on position after a break to make restarting a breeze. Its air purge removes air from the fuel lines to make starting easy.

    E-Tech II for reduced exhaust: Unlike electric trimmers, heavy-duty models like the 128DJx run on gasoline with oil mixed in. Husqvarna’s E-Tech II feature keeps the engine running smoothly and efficiently, cutting down on sooty exhaust, making trimming sessions more pleasant for you, and better for the environment.

    Husqvarna combi-guard: Husqvarna’s familiar orange-colored shield protects the operator and others from flying debris, and works with both the string trimmer and metal blades to keep you safe. Easily adjustable for working at any angle.

    Optional harness included: The big, ergonomic D-handle makes operating the trimmer easy, and you can use the included shoulder harness to take some of the load off your arms when you’re swinging the 128DJx back and forth.

    CARB compliant: Rated for use in California.

    Double your warranty offer: If you purchase three cans of Husqvarna ready-mixed fuel in the 32-ounce size, they’ll double your warranty from two to five years.

    The 128DJx is versatile right out of the box, but you can purchase many optional accessories for it to perform all kinds of other chores around your yard.

    Hedge trimmer attachment: With a cutting bar almost 3 feet long, this hedge trimmer can cut twigs up to ½” thick. Weighing in at only 4.9 pounds, you’ll be able to swing it all afternoon without tiring.

    Hedge trimmer with extension wand: Sporting almost 22” of blade and over 33” of wand, the attachment will let your reach even the tallest hedges with ease. It’s heavy duty, too, so you can power through twigs up to ¾” with ease.

    Heavy-duty hedge trimmer: Over 21” long, this heavy duty attachment can handle twigs up to ¾” thick easily. And with over 4000 cuts per minute, it will make short work of your hedges and freestanding bushes.

    Sweeper attachment: Clean up fast with this sweeper attachment. Lets you power away dirt, debris, and even a light snowfall using your string trimmer.

    Edger attachment: The EA 850 attachment transforms your 128DJx into a powerful edger, allowing you to get clean edges on your turf. There’s a replaceable wear guard that protects the gearbox from the blade. Easy to adjust depth wheel for quick setup and easy use.

    Cultivator attachment: The CA 150 attachment can turn your 128JDx into a handy cultivator. Great for preparing flower and vegetable gardens for planting. Guaranteed to save you hours of spadework.


    • Reduce exhaust design for gas trimmer
    • Combi-gaurd prevents user from getting hurt by debris
    • CARB compliant foor use in California
    • Hedge trimmer attachment for extra work around the house


    • Not as powerful as some of the other trimmers on the market

    128DJx vs Husqvarna 128LD

    The 128DJx and Husqvarna 128LD are two of the most popular weed eaters for homeowners. Both are good choices as a home weed wacker but the Husqvarna tends to be more reliable and cost effective so we recommend most homeowners choose this model.

    Our Final Say

    We think that this lawn trimmer is a good choice for most home owners that have medium to large lawns. The extra attachments plus the built in features and functionality make it a good buy. If you are in the market for a gas powered string trimmer in 2021 then you should seriously consider this weed whacker!

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