Black & Decker ST7700 Review


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    Landscaping is a difficult job — this is why we pay so much for people to do it for us, when we’d rather not do it ourselves, and why those people can get paid so much. However, it’s often a whole lot less expensive for us if we just suck it up and do the work ourselves — and this is what we recommend.

    It is, of course, what most people are realizing, and that is where products like Black & Decker’s ST7700 come in handy. Let’s take a look at this brilliant piece of equipment, starting with an introduction, and then progressing to features, technical specifications, pros, and a brief look at how to use it.

    Black & Decker ST7700 4.4-amp Electric Automatic Feed String Trimmer/Edger, 13"
    • Ideal for both post-mowing maintenance edging, and trimming grass in hard-to-reach areas
    • Cuts a 13-inch path; 4.4-Amp motor; 10,000 RPM
    • Built-in auxiliary handle minimizes wrist fatigue
    • Cord retention system guards against unintended unplugging of the tool
    • Weighs 4.5 pounds; 2-year warranty

    Black & Decker ST7700 Introduction

    To start, consider why you might need an ST7700. It shouldn’t be so hard — last time you took a look at your lawn, did you see weeds? Hedges you need to trim? Other unsightly branches and the like you’d want trimmed if you had the time or money? If so, the ST7700 is just what you need. And if not, you’ll need an ST7700 to keep it looking that way. So either way, you’re definitely going to benefit from this piece of equipment.

    For those who are familiar with the different pieces of equipment offered in this range, we offer the technical specifications of the ST7700 for comparison to the rest of the market.


    • Amperage: 4.4 Amps
    • Revolution
    • Velocity: 10000 rpm
    • Cutting Diameter: 13″
    • Line Diameter: 0.065″
    • Feed System: AFS
    • Equipment Weight: 4.5 lbs
    • Power Source: Cord

    These technical specifications indicate that the ST7700 has a roughly average cutting diameter, an excellent rotation velocity, and, unlike many machines, does not use a battery to power its motor. This is both a good and a bad thing, depending on your needs, as it means you’ll need to hook it up to a power source with an extension cord, but, it does mean you can achieve much higher revolution speeds and execute your job with greater power.

    What We Think

    The technical specifications provide a good summary of the mechanical features of the product. Moving on from that, we would note that the ST7700 has a 13” blade, allowing you to slice a wide swath in the garden without having to worry so much about spending a lot of time sweeping the lawn. This ensures an even trim throughout

    It also features an edger, which allows you to do a good amount of detail work, meaning you don’t have to worry about the fact that the 13” cutting diameter doesn’t allow you a lot of space to “fine-tune” your landscape — the edger will ensure you can do just this, while relegating the larger-scale cutting to the trimmer.

    The ST7700 has an exceptionally high amperage, due to its corded power source. It measures at 4.4A, which is much higher than the amperages recorded by some more expensive, battery-powered models. Those are great if portability is a concern, but the ST7700 is designed for deployment near the home, and its extra power allows you to get everything done that you need to get done. Its 10,000RPM revolution speed is another component to its high-powered repertoire that you should definitely take into consideration.

    ST7700 Pros/Cons

    There are many pros to the ST7700, including its high amperage, fast revolution speed, wide cutting diameter, and light weight. The corded power source is a boon to those who like a lot of power, and the fact that it functions as both a trimmer and an edger means you’ll save a lot of money investing in this product rather than a specialized machine to do each of those tasks. At a price of roughly $45, the ST7700 is a steal.

    How To Use a ST7700

    Using the ST7700 is almost trivial. It’s as easy as checking the coils, putting on your glasses, selecting the “trimmer” mode, and hooking it up to the power source. Voila — at that point, you just need to hit the on button, and do whatever landscaping tasks you wanted to do to begin with!