WORX WG160 Review


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    WORX is known for making extremely durable and versatile landscaping equipment. This 20-volt battery powered trimmer/edger and mini-mower is a great example of that. We’ll take a look at its technical specifications, features, pros, and an overview of how to use it, but before we do, we’d like to offer an introduction to the WORX GT 2.0 WG 160 Timmer/Edger and a few things that make it special.

    WORX WG160 GT 2.0 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer/Edger/Mini Mower
    • 3 in 1 function with dual position wheels for grass trimming, edging and mowing
    • Converts from a trimmer to an in line edger in seconds with no tools
    • One (1) 20 Volt cordless MAX lithium battery
    • 12 inch cutting diameter with automatic 100 percent single line feed (no bump)
    • Quick release lever for fast telescopic height adjustments to the 90 degree tilting shaft

    To begin, you should know that WORX is, quite simply, spotless. Almost all of their products on Amazon have quite favorable reviews, and, if you take the time to look at which ones are not favorable, you’ll see that they were left by people who received lemon items (27% of negative reviews) or those who simply misused them, or offered no concrete reasons for their having left a negative review, making their take suspicious, at best (77% of negative reviews).

    In short, you can have faith in the quality of a WORX product. They are well built, well reviewed, easy to use, and well warrantied. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the WG160.


    Let’s start with the WG160’s three-in-one capacity. This refers to its ability to be deployed as a trimmer, an edger, and as a mini mower, allowing you to take care of three common, and indeed, essential, tasks of landscaping and housekeeping with only a single piece of equipment. The WG160 prices at about $100, meaning that you pay, on average, $33.00 for each function, which is radically less than you would pay if you went out and bought specialized equipment for each. In addition, the conversion from trimmer to edger takes place in just seconds, and requires no tools!

    Next, we note the battery. The battery is a 2A lithium rechargeable. This battery has a long lifespan, both in terms of its ability to work while in the fields and last through many charges over the years. It is replaceable, so even in the long-term when it does die out, you can rely on the WG160 to keep on going as long as you take care of it.

    The WG160 also features a fast-telescoping shaft, so you can quickly adjust the distance at which you are trimming or edging, for extremely convenient landscaping work that couldn’t get easier. Finally, consider the spools, which last for a long time, are easy to replace, and which you get a lifetime supply of upon ordering the WG160!

    Technical Specifications

    Here are the technical specifications for the WG160, for those who wish to compare its engineering to other leading models or to the products they have at home.

    • Voltage: 20V MAX*
    • Speed without Load: 7600 revolutions/min
    • Cutting Diameter: 1’ (12″)
    • Line Diameter: 0.065″
    • Cutting Line Length: 10ft
    • Charging Time (Time to Full Charge): 3hr
    • Battery: 2 x 20V Lithium-Ion
    • Machine Weight: 5.7lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 9lbs

    These are very favorable statistics when compared to other leading models in the range.


    The main pros of the WG160 are its extreme durability, versatility, economical price, quick charging time, high-quality batteries, and light weight. These are all characteristics desirable in a trimmer, edger, and mini-mower, and especially in a machine that is all three!

    Those used to larger, more powerful machines might be put off by the fact that this one doesn’t run with the same extreme speed that industrial machines do, but it is more than suited for work at home, near the apartment, or along the sidewalk, all of which require relatively lightweight equipment and are not well-served by enormously powerful industrial machines.

    How to Use

    Spools are already wound when the item ships, so all you need to do is charge the battery to 100%, don your goggles, pull the rip-cord, and get to trimming all the weeds and other nasty stuff in your lawn! There are specific instructions for converting between a trimmer and an edger, and between this configuration to that of a mini-mower, and while the process is easy, it is best if you consult the visual guide that accompanies the equipment for an easy walk-through.