Toro 51467 Review


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    For many people lawn care is serious business. Not only is a well-kept lawn a reflection on the individual doing the work, but it also can have financial benefits as well. For those who see doing a job right as a direct reflection of themselves, a matter of pride, often that same person sees a beautifully kept lawn as a part of their property’s value. How to achieve these results can be a matter of serious investigation.

    For the investigative type, the Toro Model 51467 12 volt, 8” cordless grass trimmer is the right tool for getting the job done right. Regardless of the season, spring, summer, fall, and in some places, even winter a well-manicured lawn speaks volumes about your pride in a job well done.

    There are numerous ways to have a lawn that draws attention. The right mower and the right trimmer are two ways at the top of the list. Why a mower? Without a lawn mower it would be like getting a haircut without trimming the excess hair from around the back of the neck or getting all dressed up for a night out and not combing your hair. You want whatever you have to look its best.

    For you to have a lawn that looks its best it makes sense to have to the right tools. If a lawn trimmer is on your wish-list of tools the best way you can go is with the Toro Model 51467 12 volt 8” cordless grass trimmer

    Why the Toro 8” cordless trimmer? There are at least three good reasons:

    1. Reputation
    2. Efficiency
    3. Effectiveness

    Reputation: Is there a more familiar name in lawn care than Toro? Since 1914 Toro continues to design and build a solid reputation for their commitment to quality. With a two year warranty, this cordless trimmer is built to last.

    Toro sacrifices nothing to maintain the clean design incorporated into the 51467. It is that design that provides improved balance, simplicity of use and lighter weight.

    Efficiency: No more gas and oil. Keep that extension cord in the shed. The 51467 is powered by a strong rechargeable 12-volt battery providing up to 45 minutes of running time. This means no extension cord and you don’t have to hassle with gas and oil.

    Effectiveness: None of this matters if your trimmer doesn’t make lawn care easier for you. Incorporating design features to do just that, the 8” Toro trimmer takes the guess work out of managing your trim line. Need more line, a simple tap of the Toro trimmer head and you have the line you need. By using the patented Toro bump-feed system you are in charge.

    Toro makes lawn trimming easy. In fact, you don’t even need tools to assemble it or to change line spools. Simply line up the head guide, point the head where you want it to cut, and away you go.
    Don’t worry about running low on power. Using a built-in green or red light system this Toro 8” cordless lawn trimmer even keeps a tab on its charging status.

    When considering the reputation of a product, its efficiency, and its effectiveness in doing a job your checklist for satisfaction is easy. Go by any Toro dealer or visit Toro online and see for yourself just how convenient this lawn trimmer is. It is made better by Toro’s reputation, the efficiency of its design, and the effectiveness of how it does its job.

    Give your lawn the attention it deserves with the Toro Model 51467 12 volt, 8” cordless grass trimmer. Remember, “lookin’ good” is important.